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Rocky having been off tour for around 3 years, is now sponsored up and is now back to play the world circuit from 2010.  Many professional players have attempted to break Rocky's Speed Jump Shooting  World Record and despite an attempt in 2007 on Finland National TV (which was not recognized by the Worlds Academy), his record remains undefeated to date (2011).  Despite, being one of the oldest players still on tour, Rocky is still going strong.  Below is Rocky's Profile, during his entire career in the game.
Name Mr. Rocky Lane
Nick Name The Technician (9-Ball Nickname)
Citizenship New Zealander
Occupation Retired Senior In-House Legal Counsel, Multinational
Main Pool Sport 9 Ball
Civil Status Married
  • 1976 National New Zealand 8-Ball Champion

  • 1979 National B Grade Snooker National Champion

  • 27 Year break from cue sports, for educational attainments towards a career

  • June 12, 2002 - FCC Hong Kong Runner up 8 Ball Champion

  • October, 2002 - 4th Place, 9-Ball Borneo

  • July, 2003 - Asian 9 Ball, Jakarta, Top 16 Finalist

  • December, 2003 - 3rd Place, 9-Ball Borneo

  • January, 2004 - Windy City Opens, Chicago. Top 64 Finalist

  • January 28, 2004 - South Australian Classic Tour. Top 32 Finalist

  • February, 2004 - Starred in movie "POOL - From Beginner to Champion"

  • July, 2005 - NZ North Island 9 Ball tour, at Hamilton, NZ - Top 32 finalist

  • August, 2005 - Won a 9 Ball tournament at Orlando Opens, Florida USA

  • October, 2005 - World Record, Jump Shooter, jump shooting and Potting 15 Pool Balls from the table in 14.16 Seconds, Done on National & shown on CNN for a week, UNDEFEATED to date (2010)

  • Feb 05, 2006 - Bronze Medalist - NZ Games, Dunedin - 8 Ball Doubles

  • 19 Feb, 2006 - 3rd Place - NZ Valley Pool 9 Ball Finals. Pukekohe

  • May 20- 21, 2006 - Top 32 NZ Nationals, Valley 8 Ball, Otahuhu Opens

  • July 2006 - ROCKY TURNS PRO.  As registered wit the UPA, seen at

  • Sep 17-21, 2006 - Represented New Zealand at Bali Open's Internationals

  • January, 2007 - After setting a World Record for New Zealand, elected by New Zealanders, as most popular sportsman of the year, in top 10 ranking at NZ Sporting website, with Sir Edmund Hilliary elected No.2.

  • May, 2007 - Won Hong Kong Pool Marathon, achieving 250 racks in record time, 105 racks ahead of the 2nd place getter, in a playing field of 20 players -$10,000.

  • 11 Dec, 2007 - Successfully defended above title.  Won the Hong Kong $10,000 - 250 Rack Pool Marathon.

  • 7th to 10th June 2010 - European 10 Ball Opens, Berlin Germany, Top 32.

  • 24th to 27th June 2010 - Won the NTT 9 Ball Championships, Indonesia - $5,000.

  • Nov 22 to 30, 2010 -  Rep NZ at the US$30,000.00 43rd All Japan 9 Ball Champs, Osaka, Japan.

  • Dec 16 to 19, 2010 - Rep NZ at the US$41,000.00 Joss Turning Stone 9 Ball Classic, Verona, NY, USA.

  • Sept 16 to 20,2011- Rep NZ, at Steve Miserick Seminole Pro Tour-Tampa, Florida, USA

  • Nov 16 to 20, 2011 All Japan Championships 10 Ball for NZD

  • 26 April to 2nd May 2012 - Wild Card Invited player - CBSA Chengde 9 Ball Opens at China- Top 32

  • 27 Jan 2013 - WORLD RECORD ACHIEVED-Worlds fastest Speed Jump Shooter, and Complete Pool Table Clearance in 11.29 Seconds on TV

  • May 7, 2013 - 2nd Runner up Macau National 10 Ball Opens

  • Nov 26, 2016 - Officiated the Rocky Lane 9 Ball  Cup, 2016 mop30,000 Event, at Kam Pek Paradise Casino Bar, Central Macau


Rocky's respective World rankings can be seen at the respective tour sites for the European, Asia and the BCA AmericanTours.


Other Club Events

Other Club Events Have competed in other club league matches in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sweden and the Philippines.



In 2002, Rocky aspired to set a world record in the game, which was to remain undefeated and have a special place in history even after he left the planet, so to speak. After being in the game since the 1970's, when he reached the age of 55, on 25 Oct 2005 Rocky  became the worlds fastest ever to jump shoot and clear the table in 14.16 sec, a world record set Publicly on National Television. World champions have attempted to  break this record publicly on TV, and one man in Finland done it on TV in around 11 seconds in late  2007, as seen on Youtube. But it was not recognised as he failed to raise the jump rail upwards, with some chark beneath, as Rocky did. Hence, Rocky remains the undisputed  World Record Champion, for speed Jump shooting  and his record remains undefeated to date (2009) and is in fact the Worlds fastest Jump shooter that the world has ever seen. His World Record, made the Hall of Cue Sport records,  
seen at

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